Loss Control Services


Innovative Coverage Concepts strongly believes that a proactive approach to Loss Control is paramount to an effective and profitable operation.

Using state of the art information management techniques, onsite evaluations and actionable recommendations, the ICC Loss Control team is your partner in reducing the risk of business you face every day.

ICC Loss Control performs loss control surveys on a national level for all lines of coverage. Reports are customized specifically to our Insurance Program’s Underwriting Guidelines, allowing the Underwriter to evaluate the account and make effective decisions for our client’s insurance program.

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Recommendations are developed and implemented as needed to reduce loss exposures and comply with Industry recognized standards. We pride ourselves in collaborating closely with our Agents, Brokers and Clients to assist in the implementation of these recommendations as well as offer alternative and cost-effective solutions where applicable.

“Why is ICC Loss Control different and better than our competitors?”

Our main difference is the fact that we specialize in the Restaurant and Hospitality marketplace by focusing our business only in this sector. As a result, over the years, we have amassed a host of invaluable experience and proprietary knowledge that we only share with our customers.

There are so many details and examples of how we have helped so many of our Clients but what is most important is that the unique way that ICC Loss Control delivers its products and services.

The bottom line is that we mitigate losses and help to reduce premium dollars – that is a language everyone clearly understands!